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How to upgrade your coffee

Do you love your hot cup of coffee to start the day? Oh boy, me too!

But maybe you are not sure if you should even have your coffee, since these days there is so much controversy out there if coffee is actually good for you? Time to discover some ways to make your coffee better, not perfect.

Is coffee good for you?

To be honest, nobody knows anymore if coffee has more benefits or drawbacks, there are pros and cons but in our opinion, how the scale is tipped is something you need to decide for yourself.

Some of the pros:

  • Coffee has the ability to make you just feel so good, which is probably the biggest pro

  • If you're tired or mentally exhausted, it can give you the extra boost to get through the day

  • It's rich in antioxidants, and we all know (especially marketeers) this is a good thing

  • Having a coffee break can be a welcome pause to recharge your mental energies

Some of the cons:

  • Drinking too much coffee might make you jittery and stressed, especially when you are already stressed out from other things going on in your work and life

  • If coffee becomes your antidote for a lack of sleep, you are avoiding the real problem: lack of sleep ;)

  • It's reported that it can hurt your stomach with overuse, although this is highly individual

  • Many people have their coffee with sugar or cream or... which makes it a rather unhealthy drink, which is probably the biggest con

To summarize, like everything, coffee can definitely be good for you if you don't overdo it or become dependent on it.

That being said, there are a couple of ways to upgrade your coffee to make it even better for you!

As a funny side note, I told myself this morning I wouldn't be having coffee today (I take a break once in a while) but writing about this trashed my intention and I'm having an amazing cup of coffee right now!

#1 Have your cappuccino with unsweetened almond milk instead

This is an easy upgrade, which makes your cappuccino still tasty, enjoyable and low in sugar.

Most baristas have this option available. Beware of rice milk, oatmilk or regular almond milk, since these are typically much higher in sugar, basically diminishing the benefits.

#2 Try something weird, add ghee to your black coffee

If you know what ghee is (clarified butter), you might give me the evil eye and question my sanity.

Why would you ever add butter to coffee??? Well, because it makes it so damn delicious, makes the coffee super smooth, and gives you a big dose of healthy fats. Its the perfect alternative for sugar! Make sure to go for organic ghee, which you can find in many supermarkets and most healthy food online shops out there. My favorite ghees? Ghee easy & Coop naturaplan Bio Ghee

Side note: don't overdo it, a small teaspoon is enough.

Oh, and get a coffee foamer like this to blend things nicely. (Not a paid Advertisement :-))

#3 Make it exotic, add coconut oil to your coffee

By now you know that adding healthy fats to coffee is something I endorse (and have been doing for years now), mixing things up and adding coconut oil to your coffee might be just what you need to keep your tastebuds satisfied. Same deal as with Ghee, don't overdo it, and make it blend nicely.

If you don't like the taste of coconuts (I know, who doesn't love coconut?) you can also use unflavored coconut oil.

#4 My all-time favorite: coffee + ghee + MCT oil = WOW

If you thought #2 & #3 were great (or weird), you can imagine what it means to kind of combine these 2 into a winning formula. This is the coffee that I LOVE: 1 cup of black coffee, 1 teaspoon of ghee and 1/2 teaspoon of MCT oil. Mix it up with the coffee foamer for 10-20 seconds, and you've got yourself a "bulletproof coffee".

Besides being delicious, its an amazing way to shift your mental game into a higher gear.

Why is that? Without going into the technicalities, MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, and it skips your digestive system, gets absorbed in your blood right away, and goes pretty much straight to the (fatty) brain for it to thrive on the extra energy available.

I love this one, especially when I am doing a soft IF protocol, in this case meaning I skip breakfast and only break my fast with this coffee. It gives me plenty of energy without hijacking my digestive system.

Here you have it, 4 ways to upgrade your coffee, making this delicious drink better, not perfect.

Try them out and see what works for you. You might have just discovered hot water coffee all over again!

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Kevin Clement, Founder Eat better, not perfect.

Questions or suggestions? Let us know at

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